World Milk Day 2024

World Milk Day 2024

Every year on June 1st, we celebrate World Milk Day, a global event established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This day highlights the importance of milk as a global food, showcasing the dairy sector’s contributions to sustainability, economic development, and nutrition.

Why World Milk Day Matters

World Milk Day is more than just a celebration of milk. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of dairy products, including their role in a balanced diet and their contributions to economic livelihoods around the world. From small family farms to large dairy operations, the dairy industry supports millions of jobs and provides essential nutrients to countless people. This year, World Milk Day is all about the quality nutrition that dairy products provide and how it is an essential part of a balanced diet. At Cefetra Dairy, we align our values with the spirit of World Milk Day through our core principles: Connect, Create, Contribute.

For more details on World Milk Day, visit the World Milk Day website.

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