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Lactic and Sweet Cream Butter (Salted and Unsalted)

At Cefetra Dairy, we offer lactic and sweet cream butter in both salted and unsalted variations. Butter is created through the process of churning cream to separate the fats from the liquid. Our butter contains a minimum of 82% fat.

Lactic butter:

Lactic butter is crafted using churned cream that has been fermented. This fermentation process lends a distinct flavor profile to the butter, resulting in a full cream taste.

Sweet cream butter:

In contrast to lactic butter, the sweet cream butter is made from fresh cream, providing a slightly different taste experience. This butter has a flatter flavor profile, allowing the natural essence of the cream to shine through. Sweet cream butter is a versatile option that pairs well with a variety of dishes, both sweet and savory.

Salted and unsalted Variations:

The lactic and sweet cream butters are available in both salted and unsalted versions.


The lactic and sweet cream butters are  packaged in 25 kg blocks.

Textured Butter & Recombined Butter

Textured butter:

Textured butter serves as alternative to traditional winter butter, particularly in the pastry and bakery sectors. It has unique melting characteristics and a consistent texture, that make it perfect for baking applications especially for creating  puffed pastry dishes.

Recombined butter:

Recombined butter is designed to provide a consistent quality throughout the year, regardless of seasonal variations. This specialized butter is produced using a combination of butteroil, resulting in a product that maintains its quality and performance. Recombined butter is commonly used in the Danish pastry industry and for puff pastry dough.


Both textured butter and recombined butter are packaged in 25 kg blocks.

AMF (Anhydrous Milk Fat)

AMF, also known as Anhydrous Milk Fat, is renowned for its exceptionally high level of milk fat. It contains a minimum of 99.8% milk fat and is made from fresh cream. AMF is produced without the addition of any additives, ensuring a pure and natural product.

Butter-oil and Butter Ghee

Butter-oil and butter ghee are products which are both rich in milk fat content, with a minimum of 99.8% milk fat. Butter-oil is derived from cream or butter. Butter ghee has the ability to withstand higher temperatures.