Our values


We believe that dairy plays an essential role in a nutritious and balanced diet worldwide.


At Cefetra Dairy we believe that dairy provides nutritious ingredients that are essential within a balanced diet. Dairy is a natural product and contains many different nutrients. It is a rich source of protein and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy diet. Due to the versatile applications of dairy, it can be found in various industries within the food and feed sector. We believe that dairy will continue to play a vital role in the future.


We create valuable partnerships by balancing supply and demand every day, aiming to minimize our environmental footprint and increase our social impact.


We find it important to build long-lasting relationships with our partners. Creating value for partners and contributing to a sustainable world at the same time. By moving surpluses to deficit regions, we ensure access to nutritious dairy ingredients around the globe. Our extensive experience and international network allows us to respond quickly to changing demand, and helps us to balance supply and demand every day. With our logistics solutions we create efficient supply chains, minimizing the environmental impact while increasing the social impact.


Connect, Create & Contribute


We find it important to really listen to our partners. Our services are an integral part of our DNA.  We offer our customers alternatives and solutions in any given market situation. With our agile and adoptive approach we can respond instantly to significant developments in our market. Within Cefetra Dairy we work together according to the three principles: connect, create and contribute.


supply and demand


With our global sourcing approach and our local distribution network we make it possible to balance supply and demand.


valuable partnerships


Our goal is to create valuable partnerships. We like to conduct business in an enjoyable manner with a no-nonsense mentality. We are committed to sharing knowledge, enabling mutual growth, seizing opportunities and creating synergies.


to a global nutritious diet


We are dedicated to making a positive impact on global society while minimizing our environmental impact.