At Cefetra Dairy, quality and food safety are non-negotiable. To make sure our partners receive the highest quality, we focus on transparent supply chains and risk management.
By continuing to optimize our transport flows, we aim to have the most efficient and transparent supply chain, delivering you just in time.
Food and feed safety are important. We as well as our partners aim for high quality standards. By continuously revising and improving our process we can meet this goal.
We are certified for multiple food and feed safety quality management systems. Our Quality Assurance department combines certification requirements, legislation, and standards in al expects of our work. By providing annual trainings to our employees, we create understanding and involvement to guarantee quality in our day-to-day business.

GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance

Our GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certificate proves that we together with our suppliers and customers contribute to a safe feed chain. We comply with relevant GMP+ requirements, legislation, and customer requirements.

IFS Broker

We obtained our IFS Broker certificate, guaranteeing food safety and quality. This uniform evaluation system helps to build a comparable and transparent supply chain with our partners. Customer focus, sustainability and product safety are key in our quality management system. Continuously improvement, risk assessment and risk management help us to provide our partners with safe food products.

Sedex member

Sedex creates a worldwide platform by providing visibility of sustainability performance. For us as a member this means we can use this tool to improve our responsible and sustainable business practices. It helps us to manage our risks in our supply chain and provide new insights for our continuously improvement in business practices.


Our certification, received by SKAL Union, a member of the European Organic Certifiers Council, guarantees our compliance with the standards necessary for trading organic products. It guarantees monitoring of the product and the entire supply chain, ensuring integrity throughout.